Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive Destruction in Baltimore

On-site hard drive destruction in Baltimore

Data Killers was recently spotted doing on-site hard drive destruction in Baltimore.   This one day on-site project consisted of pulling the hard drives and memory from several server racks.  Once the hard drives were pulled, they were then crushed using Data Killers’ high power crushing machine.  Our highly effective patent-protected impactor pulverization machine destroys the hard drive platter rendering the data unrecoverable.  Our equipment bends, crushes and pierces the platter destroying it so it can no longer be spun hence the data is unrecoverable.  The crushed hard drives were then securely transported back to our controlled and monitored warehouse where they were shredded as a redundant security measure.    Data Killers’ specialized data destruction processes are trusted by an assortment of nationwide customers who appreciate our secure and confidential destruction services.

Data Killers’ on-site hard drive destruction services and cleared personnel provide the highest level of security. We provide complete hard drive physical destruction which, in conjunction with our on-site degaussing service, can be utilized for classified data or highly sensitive business data which cannot leave a cleared facility or a specific business location.  Data Killers has you covered for certified and compliant on-site hard drive destruction in Baltimore and nationwide.

Data Killers service is especially tailored for large enterprise customers and government agencies.  our un-surpassed ability to shred large quantities of hard drives quickly, securely and efficiently makes us the most trusted provider of on-site hard drive shredding services in the United States.  Our references are impeccable and come from the most well respected Fortune 100 companies as well as the most secretive of government agencies. We have a huge amount of repeat customers as our services are performed so well and are reinforced by our award-winning customer service agents.  Call us today for a quote for on-site hard drive destruction in Baltimore or anywhere in the U.S.