Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive Shredding Service in Virginia

On-site Hard Drive Shredding Service in Virginia

Data Killers has recently been busy with on-site hard drive shredding service in Virginia.  Over the past week, our trucks have been deployed to a variety of companies located throughout Virginia for our signature on-site shredding and data destruction services.

On-site shredding in Ashburn, Virginia

One project consisted of on-site shredding of a large mixed quantity of hard drives, tapes, CD’s, floppy drives and data sticks.  Our customer in Ashburn needed the shredding done for their health benefit plan division.  In just one day, Data Killers’ technicians were able to shred over 1,300 pieces of mixed media.  Data Killers on-site shredding is ideal for customers with sensitive or classified data like the medical data (protected under HIPAA) from our Ashburn customer.   We completely and rapidly destroyed all of the customer’s media prior to leaving their cleared facility.

On-site shredding in Richmond, Virginia

The following day, another team of Data Killers’ technicians was sent to Richmond, Virginia for on-site shredding at two locations for the same customer.  Our customer in Richmond is a publically traded, national banking institution that required hard drive shredding at two locations in Richmond as their data security is tightly controlled by the regulators of Sarbanes Oxley.  With our enterprise-wide data destruction services, Data Killers provides hard drive shredding for customer’s with nationwide locations like the banks in Richmond.  Our standardized policies, procedures and training guarantee destruction exceeding mandatory legal guidelines in Virginia and nationwide.

On-site shredding in Stafford, Virginia

Data Killers also recently completed on-site shredding in Stafford, Virginia for one of our repeat military customers.  In one day, our technicians shredded over 3,000 hard drives and 800 tapes on-site at our customer’s facility.  Our self-powered, fully equipped trucks were able to dock at our customer’s facility to completely destroy all hard drives and tapes.  Data Killers offers the smallest shred size in the industry and offers on-site hard drive shredding service in Virginia and across the entire continental United States.