Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Data Destruction in California

Data Killers certified data destruction and shredding services are utilized by customers throughout the country.  Recently, our trucks have been on the road providing on-site data destruction in California.  In two days, we completed three major destruction projects for customers in San Jose and San Francisco.  The sales and management team put tremendous effort into making these projects work and flow logistically.

Our first project was for a long term, repeat customer in San Jose, California.  The customer in San Jose specializes in nationwide insurance solutions.  This on-site data destruction in California consisted of shredding a combination of hard drives, cassette tapes, CD’s and floppy disks utilizing our 30 mm screen.  Prior to shredding the hard drives, the serial numbers were scanned then the entire drive was degaussed with our NSA approved degausser.  On-site degaussing and shredding of hard drives means that the media is fully destroyed per NSA specifications before leaving the customer’s facility.  In addition to data destruction services, this project in San Jose included our recycling services for their excess electronics inventory.  Our customer in San Jose also elected to scan the bar codes on their PC’s, laptops and printers, which helps with inventory and asset management.

The next project in San Jose, California was for a new customer that handles a variety of data center and cloud computing solutions.  In this one day project, Data Killer’s technicians degaussed, scanned and shredded 500 back-up tapes and over 200 hard drives.  This project also incorporated our recycling services as we picked up 50 servers.  This customer in San Jose also chose to have their server equipment scanned.  As a new customer, they were highly pleased with our data destruction and recycling services.

The last project was on-site hard drive shredding for a new customer in San Francisco, California.  In this one day project, Data Killer’s technicians scanned and shredded over 1,100 hard drives.  Our new customer in San Francisco was highly impressed with the hard work, expertise, and professionalism displayed by Data Killers as whole.  Data Killers on-site data destruction in California was a complete success for our customers and our company alike.