Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive and Media Shredding in Richmond

Data Killers is the nationwide leader in providing compliant on-site  shredding services for a variety of media including tapes, hard drives, CD’s, DVD’s, memory drives, optical platters and flash drives.  Data Killers accommodates data destruction jobs of all sizes, duration, and from locations all around the United States.  Recently, a team of our expert data technicians was dispatched to Richmond, VA for an enterprise wide data destruction and electronics recycling project.  This week long project in Richmond consisted of combining several of our key data destruction services for an international insurance conglomerate.  During the week our team was split between two different divisions of the insurance company, which shows Data Killers ability to multi-task and do enterprise wide destruction.  Data Killer’s on-site hard drive and media shredding in Richmond was for a long-term, repeat customer specializing in group and individual health insurance. 

As a portion of the project, Data Killers was asked to scan, NSA degauss and shred over 8,000 hard drives and tapes.  The media was of all varieties including laptop hard drives, standard sized hard drives, server hard drives, LTO tapes and DLT tapes.  By degaussing the media prior to shredding, the alignment of the magnetic domain is randomly rearranged, thus rendering the data unrecoverable or “erased.”   The redundant shredding following degaussing is done with state-of-the-art, patent protected shredders.  The on-site hard drive shredding process not only cuts and shreds the metal but, by forcing it through the cutters and screens, it also compacts the hard drive rendering it completely unrecoverable.  This two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines.   Although the hard drives weren’t classified, our customer requested that we destroy them using the protocols for classified hard drive destruction. 

In addition to on-site hard drive and media shredding in Richmond, this one week long project also involved the electronics recycling division of our company, Turtle Wings.  The customer in Richmond had a variety of end-of-life electronics that needed to be recycled by an approved, R2 certified electronics recycler like Turtle Wings.  Our knowledgeable sales support staff was able to effectively coordinate with all divisions of our customer’s company to develop a cohesive and functional schedule that accommodates the customer’s specific requests and timing needs.  Data Killers goes above and beyond to meet our customer’s scheduling needs and specialized destruction requirements.