Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive Destruction in San Francisco

As a nationwide hard drive and media destruction company, Data Killers renders certified destruction services for a host of companies in California and throughout the continental United States.  We recently completed on-site hard drive destruction in San Francisco for a long term repeat customer that specializes in video, audio, print and internet publications.  This project in San Francisco was unique as we not only shredded over 500 hard drives, but also nearly 2,500 USB drives which required our 10 mm screen to ensure the microscopic memory chips were completely destroyed leaving the data unrecoverable.  As a pioneer in the data destruction industry, Data Killer’s ability to shred media down to 10 mm ensures that our customer’s USB drives were no longer intact. 

Data Killers serves a variety of organizations and companies in the San Francisco area.  This particular customer in San Francisco was located downtown in close proximity to the Golden Gate Bridge.  As traffic can be an issue in all parts of California, Data Killers sales staff carefully and methodically routed our destruction truck to avoid major traffic backups and times of high traffic.  This exceeded our customer’s expectations because of our ability to arrive promptly and accurately.  Our hardworking and dedicated sales staff always goes the extra mile to ensure that projects go smooth logistically and operationally. 

Data Killers on-site hard drive destruction in San Francisco and nationwide is compliant with all local, state and federal regulations for hard drive destruction.   The key component to our nationwide data destruction capabilities is our proprietary trucks, which are fully equipped with top-rated shredders, degaussers, and destruction equipment.  Data Killer’s trucks are partially manufactured by one of the largest energy suppliers to the federal government.  Our trucks are self-powered and autonomous with high quality generators, which provide full power to our equipment.  Data Killers’ unique process along with highly trained personnel provides the highest level of security for hard drive shredding.   The on-site hard drive destruction in San Francisco was done with so much skill and expertise that our customer assured us of their continued repeat business in upcoming data destruction projects.