Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive Shredding in Des Moines

Data Killers is the nationwide leader in providing certified on-site shredding and destruction services for an assortment of media and products, including but not limited to: hard drives; CD’s and DVD’s; memory drives; recalled consumer goods; etc. Data Killers accommodates data destruction jobs of all sizes, duration, and from locations all around the United States. With warehouses and trucks strategically located throughout the US, we can easily dispatch a team of data technicians to any facility for expert data destruction. Recently, we sent a team of technicians to Iowa for on-site hard drive shredding in Des Moines. As this was Data Killers first job for this customer in Des Moines, we were eager to provide the customer with our expert hard drive destruction service.


Des Moines is the capital and the most populous city in Iowa. The city has experienced an amazing re-birth transforming from a blue-collar industrial city to a white-collar professional city. With many insurance companies headquartered in Des Moines, it is now referred to as the “Hartford of the West”. As a center of financial and insurance services, other major corporations headquartered outside of Iowa have established a presence in the Des Moines Metro area. This growth and re-birth is why Data Killers is pleased to expand our customer base and provide on-site hard drive shredding in Des Moines. In a recent 2013 poll, Forbes magazine ranked the Des Moines metropolitan area first on its list of “Best Places for Business and Careers.”


In this one day project, Data Killers technicians shredded 2,000 hard drives for a multinational technology corporation with operations in the Des Moines area. Prior to shredding, Data Killers technicians captured and recorded the serial number of each hard drive with our scanning system. Our advanced scanning equipment was preloaded with tracking information so that all recorded hard drives were accounted for. Our customer elected the scanning option because it provides accurate inventory and asset management. At the de-briefing following the project, Data Killers new customer in Des Moines commented on how “happy they were with our service, the hard work displayed by both sales and technical teams, and that they would definitely recommend us for future projects.” Data Killers on-site hard drive shredding in Des Moines and nationwide is the best option for secure and certified data destruction.