Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive Shredding in Fresno

Data Killers is a premier provider of on-site hard drive shredding in Fresno, California and throughout the nation.  Our data destruction services include classified hard drive destruction, tape and media shredding, NSA degaussing, product and tape incineration, and disintegration services.  Our proprietary trucks are fully equipped with patent protected shredders, NSA approved degaussers, destruction equipment and generators to power the equipment.  All we require to complete on-site destruction is a loading dock or space to park our 26’ truck.  We recently completed on-site hard drive shredding in Fresno for a new customer that specializes in data storage and cloud solutions.

On the first day of the on-site hard drive shredding in Fresno, Data Killers technicians shredded over 800 hard drives using the 30 mm screen on our state-of-the-art, patent protected hard drive shredder.  Prior to shredding the hard drives, we scanned and captured the serial number of each drive while cross-checking our scan with the customer’s pre-supplied list.  After the serial numbers were verified we destroyed the drives and later incorporated them into the Certificate of Destruction as proof of compliance.  In addition to on-site hard drive shredding in Fresno, we also shredded 16 bins of RAM utilizing our 10 mm screen which ensures that the tiny RAM components are destroyed completely.  Other hard drive shredding companies don’t offer this shred size and failure to completely destroy the RAM leaves the company’s data still intact.  Data Killers technicians were able to accurately and swiftly execute this portion of the on-site hard drive shredding in Fresno.

The next day Data Killers data destruction trucks and technicians were dispatched to another location in Fresno for a large defense contractor requiring classified destruction services for a combination of hard drives and data tapes.   Data Killers classified hard drive and tape destruction service is compliant with all DoD regulations for destruction of classified media.  We first NSA degauss the hard drives and tapes, and then shred them with our proprietary four shaft technology which allows us to shred any type of material down to 10mm.  This two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding not only satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines for classified destruction, but also ensures the complete obliteration of all data.  Data Killers on-site hard drive shredding in Fresno and nationwide is the compliant solution for both classified and unclassified data.