Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive Shredding in Norfolk

Data Killers fully equipped and automated trucks are constantly on the go providing our certified data destruction services for customers throughout Virginia and nationwide.  One recent project was on-site hard drive shredding in Norfolk for an international company that specializes in providing avionics and information technology systems to governmental agencies, aircraft manufacturers and shipping distributors.  During the initiation and planning phase of the project, this new customer in Norfolk revealed that they selected Data Killers because of our known history of providing compliant on-site data destruction and our ability to provide certified destruction of both classified and non-classified hard drives and media.

With the city of Norfolk situated as a major East Coast port and the busiest in the United States by cargo volume, there is an extensive marine cargo and distribution transport presence in the Norfolk area.  Also, there are countless small businesses and major corporations that support the port’s cargo traffic.  As a strategic location at the mouth of the Chesapeake Bay, Norfolk’s protected deep-water channels serve as a major trade artery for the import and export of goods from across the Mid-Atlantic, Mid-West, and internationally.  With such a thriving and multifaceted economy, Data Killers offers on-site hard drive shredding in Norfolk for a variety of customers ranging from new technology start-ups to national brands to shipping distribution companies.

In this one day project, Data Killers technicians destroyed approximately 900 classified hard drives on-site at our customer’s facility in Norfolk with a state-of-the-art, patent protected hard drive and tape shredder.  The process to destroy classified hard drives includes degaussing the hard drive with an NSA approved degausser prior to shredding.  As a company with full on-site data destruction capabilities, Data Killers was able to securely destroy the customer’s classified hard drives in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations as well as DoD and NSA regualtions.  Data Killers on-site hard drive shredding in Norfolk and nationwide is ideal for customers who want their media destroyed completely and the destruction to be certified.