Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Hard Drive Shredding in Saint Louis

Data Killers specializes in state-of-the-art on-site hard drive shredding in Saint Louis and nationwide.  Our trucks and personnel can be easily dispatched from one of our Mid-west warehouses, to come to any location in St. Louis for compliant and swift hard drive destruction.  We serve the entire St. Louis metropolitan area, including but not limited to: Downtown; Clayton; Midtown; Des Peres; West County; St. Charles; Florissant; Chesterfield; Arnold; East St. Louis; Grand Arts District; etc.  Data Killers’ unique deployment system enables us to fully mobilize our full size shredding equipment and NSA approved degaussers to any site in St. Louis and throughout the county  for complete on-site hard drive destruction.

Data Killers trucks are equipped with high power generators, so all we require to complete on-site hard drive shredding in St. Louis is a loading dock or space to park our trucks.  We can securely and efficiently handle any size shredding project.   With nationwide assured compliance, Data Killers’ policies and procedures meet all local, state, and federal data destruction requirements in St. Louis and throughout the country.

Data Killers on-site hard drive shredding in St. Louis is in absolute compliance with all physical destruction criteria.  As an R2 and ISO certified company, Data Killers is environmentally compliant and compliant with data destruction regulations.  Our certified process to destroy hard drives is supported and upheld by our knowledgeable sales staff and data technicians.  We also utilize cutting edge, proprietary technology and equipment.  Our shredders and degaussers are annually re-certified.  Upon completion of any data destruction project, Data Killers provides a Certificate of Destruction that is nationally accepted and exceeds compliance requirements.  In addition, Data Killers will transport and recycle all left over components in accordance with St. Louis laws, state regulations and federal mandates.