Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding in San Diego

Data Killers is known throughout the nation for our premiere hard drive shredding and data destruction services.  A key component of Data Killer’s nationwide destruction service is our ability to destroy hard drives and other media on-site at our customer’s facility.  Data Killers trucks are partially manufactured by one of the largest energy suppliers to the federal government.  Our proprietary trucks are fully equipped with patent protected shredders, NSA approved degaussers, destruction equipment and generators to power the equipment.  All we require to complete on-site destruction is a loading dock or space to park our 26’ truck.  We recently completed on-site hard drive shredding in San Diego for two divisions of a military customer.

In this one day project, Data Killer’s technicians shredded over seven hundred hard drives for each division.  Our customer in San Diego had stringent guidelines and requirements that Data Killers easily and readily adhered to.  Although our customer’s drives were in the same location in San Diego, it was extremely vital that our technicians keep the projects separate.  Prior to shredding the hard drives, they were all degaussed to NSA specifications and their serial numbers were scanned and captured.  Our two-step process of hard drive degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD regulations and is the only NSA approved process to destroy hard drives.  With military classified hard drives like those for our customer in San Diego, it was extremely important that they be destroyed in accordance with NSA specifications and guidelines.

Data Killer’s on-site hard drive shredding in San Diego and nationwide is compliant with all local, state and federal regulations for classified hard drive destruction.  We go above and beyond to meet customer expectations, while ensuring accurate and compliant on-site hard drive shredding services.  Data Killers’ unique process along with highly trained personnel provides the highest level of security for hard drive destruction.   The on-site hard drive shredding in San Diego was done with so much skill and expertise that our customer assured us of their repeat business in upcoming data destruction projects.