Author Elizabeth Wilmot

On-site Shredding Services in Pittsburgh

Data Killers shredding services are available nationwide for hard drives, tapes, and a variety of other media.  Our autonomous and self-powered trucks are strategically placed throughout the United States so they can be easily dispatched to any location for certified and complete shredding services.  We can securely and efficiently handle any size shredding project.  Recently, our team of data technicians completed on-site shredding services in Pittsburgh.

The one day project consisted of scanning and shredding both hard drives and tapes for a well-known financial management company.  As part of our signature data destruction service, Data Killers offers enterprise wide shredding services for customers like our client in Pittsburgh who have locations all over the country.  While on-site in Pittsburgh, our technicians not only scanned all hard drives, but also did piece count for the tapes.  Our procedures and policies ensure accurate and up-to-date inventory, and our assured compliance program is nationally recognized and accepted.

In addition to shredding tapes and hard drives on-site in Pittsburgh, we also shredded CD’s, DVD’s, optical platters, and flash drives.  Our technicians utilized our 10 mm screen for this media as it ensures all the media’s tiny components are completely destroyed and the data is unrecoverable.  As a veteran and innovator in the data destruction industry, Data Killer’s ability to shred media down to 10 mm places us far ahead of other companies because they don’t offer this shred size.   

Data Killers shredding and variety of data destruction services are recognized by businesses and government agencies throughout the country.  We go above and beyond to accommodate special requests because we always strive to make the shredding process easy and timely for our customers, which is why we have such a high customer retention rate.   Data Killers offers the highest quality shredding services by our team of trained data experts.  Our on-site shredding services in Pittsburgh and nationwide are ideal for all types of customers from Fortune 500 corporations to small businesses.