Onsite hard drive destruction in PA

Data Killers is the leading provider for onsite hard drive destruction in PA and nationwide.  Our mobile hard drive shredding system can be sent to any location in Pennsylvania for fast, safe, efficient, and compliant on-site hard drive destruction.  Our fully certified and tested on-site hard drive shredding process cuts hard drives into small particles, which we remove and recycle at the conclusion of the project.  Our recycling is done in proper accordance with environmentally green friendly standards and in keeping with PA local and state laws, as well as federal regulations for electronics disposal.  Data Killers is both R2 certified and ISO 14001 certified, which allows us to manage end of life electronics for the federal government, government agencies, contractors and businesses that rely on government contracts.  We provide a nationally accepted and recognized Certificate of Destruction, which will suffice for all compliance and regulatory purposes.

Data Killers’ on-site hard drive destruction provides complete assurance because all hard drives are totally destroyed prior to our team leaving your PA location.  Our data technicians are screened and approved for clearance into controlled facilities.  For projects with classified data or highly sensitive business data, on-site hard drive shredding along with our on-site degaussing service can be utilized.  This NSA approved process destroys all hard drives completely and all data is rendered unrecoverable.  Data Killers’ trucks are fully equipped with all data destruction equipment and are self-sufficient and self-powered.

Data Killers’ on-site hard drive destruction process is fully compliant with all Pennsylvania local and state laws, as well as federal regulations.  We serve the entire state of PA, including but not limited to: Harrisburg; Philadelphia; Pittsburg; Allenton; Erie; Scranton; Lancaster; Hazleton; Reading; etc.  Our on-site hard drive destruction service permits our customers from any location in Pennsylvania to watch our complete data destruction process right at their own facility. Data Killers’ certified and compliant onsite hard drive destruction in PA is the perfect option for compliant and certified data destruction.