Destruction Services

Data Killers offers off-site and on-site destruction, shredding and degaussing services to corporations and government agencies nationwide.   We are the most highly qualified, well respected destruction service in the US.  Our processes are quick and thorough with reasonable prices.   We completely destroy any materials, using state of the art equipment and standardized policies and procedures, which guarantee destruction in excess of mandatory legal guidelines.

Our proprietary destruction trucks can pull up to any dock or parking lot and completely destroy tapes, hard drives and any other product or material as you watch.  We offer complete scanning and audit trails, chain of custody paperwork, compliance paperwork, Certificates of Destruction, and DVD’s.  We hold the federal government contract for certified destruction and witnessed incineration. We are certified by the Defense Logistics Information Services to store and transport military critical information and are leaders in the destruction of classified materials.

We offer options for small and large quantities of media and our highly trained employees can help you find the solution that best fits your requirements.

We destroy any type of material:

  • Badges, IDs and X-rays
  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Clothing and gear
  • Confiscated items
  • Copier hard drives
  • Hard drives
  • JAZ and ZIP discs
  • Memory chips and sticks
  • Military gear
  • Products and equipment
  • Smart phones
  • Surplus items
  • Tapes
  • Transmitters and pagers
  • Miscellaneous

We also offer: