Degaussing Services

Hard Drive Degaussing

Data Killers provides the premier and renowned service for hard drive degaussing both on-site and off-site in our secure facilities.   Due to our headquarters proximity to Washington DC and the NSA headquarters, we have deep experience in hard drive degaussing and a strong familiarity with all regulations, processes and approvals needed for hard drive degaussing. For customers requiring destruction of classified materials, degaussing hard drives then shredding them is the only NSA approved process. Our NSA approved hard drive degaussers are annually re-certified by an outside third party. This two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines.

Hard disc degaussing services can be overseen by our customers, recorded to DVD, monitored remotely via a dedicated IP address or overseen and verified by cleared personnel. Though we are certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical information, our on-site service allows our customers to watch as we degauss hard drives right at their facility. Our unique process along with highly trained personnel provides the highest level of security for hard drive disposal.

On-site degaussing and shredding of hard drives means that your media is fully destroyed per NSA specifications before leaving your facility. Having your media destroyed by a nationally recognized data destruction expert is an important component of any compliance program and will suffice for a DSS inspection.

Degaussing is the process of decreasing or eliminating an unwanted magnetic field. Data is stored in magnetic media, such as hard drives, by making very small areas called magnetic domains change their magnetic alignment to be in the direction of an applied magnetic field. Degaussing, commonly called erasure, leaves the domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation, thereby rendering previous data unrecoverable. Hard drives cannot be re-used after degaussing.

As a nationwide vendor, we offer assured compliance with standardized policies, procedures and training for guaranteed destruction exceeding mandatory legal guidelines. Our CAGE code is available upon request.

Upon completion, we issue a government recognized Certificate of Destruction.