Degaussing Services

Tape Degaussing

Data Killers offers the ultimate tape degaussing service for quickly, securely and completely destroying any quantity of tapes and other magnetic media. We offer on-site tape degaussing services and off-site tape degaussing in our highly secure facilities. Secure shipping options using a military style case, are available for customers who wish to take advantage of our off-site services.

For customers requiring destruction of classified tapes, degaussing tapes then shredding them is one of the few NSA approved processes. Our degaussers are NSA approved and annually re-certified by an outside third party. This two-step process to degauss tapes then shred them satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines for tape destruction.  Our degaussing services are utilized by almost every government agency and government contractor.

Our specialized destruction vehicles are equipped with degaussers capable of destroying  high Oersted media and tapes.  We are able to pull up to any loading dock or building nationwide and perform certified degaussing services.  The degaussing process can be recorded to a DVD for further documentation and compliance purposes.  Eradicating data using degaussers is one of the most secure processes to destroy data and is complaint with all data destruction requirements.

Tape degaussing changes the alignment of the magnetic domain where the data is stored, thus “erasing” the data. Unlike hard drives, some tapes can be re-used after degaussing. Our on-site data destruction service allows our customers to watch our process for backup tape degaussing right at their facility. Our unique process along with cleared personnel provides the highest level of security.

We have the ability to degauss large reel tape formats that don’t fit into most modern commercial degaussers.  We can perform this service both on and off site.

We offer assured compliance with standardized policies, procedures and training which guarantee destruction exceeding mandatory legal guidelines.

Our nationally recognized Certificate of Destruction will suffice for all compliance purposes.