Destruction Services

Destruction Services

Data Killers offers destruction services for any type of products, equipment, and media including hard drives, tapes, smart phones, microfiche, memory sticks and DVD’s.  We offer complete destruction services for items that have been recalled by the CPSC and the FDA as well as out-of-spec and expired items.  For items with proprietary logos and branding, Data Killers destruction services is perfect.

Many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies turn to Data Killers for their product and  media destruction services.   Our customers include the intel community, military customers, defense contractors, medical practices, hospitals, banks, accounting firms, law firms, technology companies, service companies and all government agencies – federal, state and local.  We provide a Certificate of Destruction that suits all compliance purposes.

Data Killers uses a variety of destruction methods that are tailored to meet the unique requirements of each customer.  These methods include shredding, crushing, degaussing, incineration, de-manufacturing and disintegration.  Our teams of trained data technicians are all well versed in the assortment of destruction methods and the requirements of the laws governing destruction.

Data Killers offers on-site destruction services at your facility or off-site destruction services at our controlled and monitored facilities.  Our trucks and facilities are completely secure with gates, locks, CCTV and monitored access.  For customers who chose our off-site destruction, Data Killers offers several secure shipment and transportation choices.

At Data Killers, our destruction processes are all certified and surpass government mandates.  Our destruction services and disposal processes and our advanced equipment completely satisfy all federal requirements such as NSA, DoD and GSA regulations.  In addition, Data Killers is certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical information.

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