Destruction Services

Classified Media Destruction

Data Killers specializes in classified media destruction. Our classified media destruction service is available nationwide with both off-site and on-site destruction options using NSA-approved disintegrators.   Classified media destruction includes disintegration of CD’s and DVD’s, diskettes, storage drives, SIM cards, microfiche and circuit boards.  In addition to disintegration, Data Killers offers media incineration services and degaussing for classified media destruction.  All the processes and equipment meet or exceed the protocols as set forth by the NSA.  We have years of experience providing this service to intel  and military customers as well as to defense contractors.

We offer classified media destruction of the following:

  • SIM cards, SD cards, MMC cards, etc.
  • CDs & DVD’s
  • Floppy disks
  • Circuit boards
  • ID cards
  • Microfiche
  • Flash drives
  • Etc.

On-site classified media destruction means that the media is fully destroyed per NSA specifications before our team of trained data technicians leaves your company location. This is especially important if your material is stored in a SCIF.  Our fully self-contained trucks will pull to your loading dock.  All destruction can be done under the supervision of cleared personnel from your facility.  The trucks can be locked down during destruction with your personnel on-board to ensure that the media never leaves a classified environment until it is fully and irretrievably destroyed per government specifications.  We also offer classified hard drive destruction and classified tape destruction.

Having your media destroyed in this manner insures compliance with DSS inspections and requirements.   If the media requires shredding, Data Killers can shred media down to the smallest shred size in the industry, 2 mm, at your site while you observe.  We also offer witnessed media incineration, which is approved for classified media destruction.  Our bonded, screened employees (who are all American citizens) provide full witness and certification services in conjunction with cleared personnel.

For off-site classified media destruction, our secure facilities are closed and monitored, and all of our personnel adhere to confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements.  Data Killers provides all of our customers with a Certificate of Destruction, which is accepted nationally by all federal agencies and compliance departments.  Our CAGE code is available upon request as well as government confirmations of our services.