Destruction Services

Classified Tape Destruction

Data Killers is the industry leader in classified tape destruction.  Our company is fully versed in the procedures and equipment needed to accomplish the protocols that are set forth by the NSA for classified tape destruction.  Our trained data technicians adhere to the processes for classified tape destruction which are degaussing and shredding and/or incineration.

For classified tape destruction, degaussing tapes then shredding them is the only NSA approved process.   The process of tape degaussing changes the alignment of the magnetic domain where the data is stored, and in turn “erases” the data leaving it unrecoverable.  This two-step process to degauss tapes then shred them meets all DoD regulations and guidelines for tape destruction.  Our degausser service is utilized by almost every government agency and government contractor.  Data Killers has the unique ability and equipment to degauss large reel tape formats that don’t fit into most modern commercial degaussers.

On-site classified tape destruction means that the tapes are fully destroyed per NSA specifications regulations prior to leaving you facility. This is monumentally important if your material is stored in a SCIF.  Our self-powered trucks will pull to your loading dock.  All destruction can be directly overseen bu appropriately cleared personnel from your facility.  Additionally, the trucks can be completely locked down during destruction with your cleared personnel on-board.  This ensures that the tapes never leave your classified environment until they are fully declassified and destroyed  per NSA specifications.

Data Killers offers both on-site and off-site classified tape destruction depending on our customer requirements.  We also specialize in classified hard drive destruction and classified media destruction.  Whichever option you chose, Data Killers is sure to follow the correct protocols and guidelines for classified media destruction.  Classified tape destruction often requires review or oversight by a compliance committee, so Data Killers offers DVD recordings from our secure facilities for our off-site classified tape destruction customers.  We are certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service to store and transport military critical technical information.  For on-site classified tape destruction projects, we can perform the entire destruction process at your facility while you witness.

At Data Killers, our NSA confirmed processes and equipment will suffice for all compliance purposes as will our Certificates of Destruction.  Our CAGE code is available upon request as well as government referrals, recommendations and confirmations.  Having your tapes destroyed by a nationally recognized data destruction expert is an important component of your compliance program.