Destruction Services

Data Center Consolidations

Data Killers provides complete data center consolidations and migrations services nationwide. Our data center consolidation and migration services include complete de-installation services; asset tracking; packing and removal; on-site certified data destruction; certified electronics recycling services or shipment to a re-seller.

We asked several of our clients why they chose Data Killers to perform data consolidation and large scale data destruction and here is what they said.

  1. Strength of references – Data Killers has impeccable references from government agencies and major corporations.
  2. Shred size – Data Killers is the only company offering on-site 10mm shred sizes across the country.
  3. Customer service level and reliability– Data Killers consistently performs at a high level as indicated by our references.
  4. Environmental Compliance – Data Killers is R2 certified hence providing compliant hard drive destruction and recycling services as recognized by the federal government.
  5. Nationwide Coverage– Data Killers is the only company truly equipped to provide nationwide on-site hard drive destruction and data center consolidations.

Data Killers will bring the appropriate tools, equipment, personnel, shipping supplies, etc. to the data center where we will carefully disconnect and un-rack each switch, server and power supply. Each piece of equipment can be scanned and entered into our inventory tracking system so that each piece can be duly accounted for. Scanning can include serial number, asset tracking number, make, model and manufacturer. Each hard drive or tape can be pulled and then scanned into the same system to match the host equipment so that every storage device has been fully accounted for and tracked. Asset management and asset tracking are key components to controlling costs and reducing risks for large enterprise customers undergoing data center consolidations and migrations.

After pulling the hard drives and tapes, Data Killers can degauss, shred or crush any quantity of hard drives and tapes, ensuring complete, certified data destruction. Shredding hard drives right at the data center eliminates all transportation risks. We can shred hard drives to 10mm and the process can recorded on a DVD for proof of compliance at the customer’s corporate office. Many large data center operators, as a matter of policy, choose to physically destroy all hard drives after data migration. They typically choose an on-site shredding option with tiny shred size to ensure compliance and mitigate all risks.