Destruction Services

Disintegration Service

For our customers who need to completely destroy a variety of digital media, we offer certified disintegration service. Our data destruction service can be performed on-site or offsite.We specialize in classified media destruction. We provide complete, certified physical disintegration of:

      • SIM cards, SD cards,
        MMC cards, etc.
      • CDs & DVD’s
      • Floppy disks
      • Circuit boards
      • ID cards
      • Microfiche
      • Flash drives
      • Etc.

Our disintegration service and data destruction equipment and processes meet the NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for high security disintegrators and the NSA/CSS 04-02 specifications for optical media destruction.  Our data shredders can shred media down to the smallest shred size in the industry, 2 mm, at your site while you observe.  Our custom built data destruction vehicles are stationed nationwide and deployed on a route and on-call basis.  We accommodate any type of building or loading dock requirements. Our fully contained vehicles do not require any outside power or special ventilation thus shortening the time from project start to finish.

Our staff is fully trained to perform classified disintegration service for media in full compliance with government issued specifications.  All of our employees are American citizens who undergo a exhaustive background check, sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and are routinely trained in security procedures. We offer complete confidential data shredding. Our standardized policies, procedures and training guarantee that we will destroy data to a level exceeding mandatory legal guidelines.

For DC area customers who wish to bring their media to us, our facility complies with most SCIF regulations and our CAGE code is available upon request. The premises can be completely locked down depending on our customer’s security requirements.

Our NSA confirmed processes and Certificate of Destruction will suffice for all compliance purposes.  Our Certificates of Destruction include a listing of all regulations for further compliance and are nationally recognized by all federal agencies and compliance departments.  Data Killers is the best choice for certified disintegration service.