Destruction Services

Hard Drive Destruction

Data Killers offers the ultimate in both off-site and on-site hard drive destruction. We can shred any type and size of hard drives into tiny particles.  We offer a variety of shred sizes down to 10mm to comply with any data destruction regulation or mandate. Our shred size is the smallest in the industry.

Our mobile hard drive destruction trucks can be deployed to any location across the country, where you can watch as we destroy hard drives and any other media or products. For smaller quantities of media, we offer off-site destruction with secure shipment options.

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Our on-site hard drive destruction services and cleared personnel provide the highest level of security. We provide complete hard drive physical destruction which, in conjunction with our on-site degaussing service, can be utilized for classified data or highly sensitive business data which cannot leave a cleared facility or a specific business location.

Our self-powered 26′ trucks with security screens and CCTV can shred at any dock or office building across the country.

For compliance purposes, we can provide a detailed audit trail of all destroyed media including serial numbers, manufacturers and model numbers. We can match serial numbers to a pre-supplied list and will only shred after serial number verification has been performed by our trained technicians. Serial numbers will be incorporated into the Certificate of Destruction as proof of compliance.

All of our employees are trained in data destruction standards and laws and are happy to assist in compliance documentation which is very important in these days of heightened corporate and government oversight. Data destruction standards are becoming more rigid and require extensive documentation and proof.

For documentation purposes, our data destruction processes can be overseen by the customer or recorded to a DVD.  Data Killers will provide a nationally recognized, signed and dated Certificate of Destruction upon completion of destruction.

Our on-site hard drive shredding process is in full compliance with all physical destruction criteria as set forth by various laws and regulations, including but not limited to: NIST standards; DoD regulations; HIPAA; Sarbanes-Oxley Act; Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act; FACTA Disposal Rule; Bank Secrecy Act; Patriot Act of 2002; Identity Theft and Assumption Deterrence Act; US Safe Harbor Provisions; PCI Data Security Standard; Various state laws.

Receive a hard drive destruction quote now by calling (844)-410-1464.