Destruction Services

Product Recall Destruction – CPSC and FDA

We can destroy any type of product or equipment.    We work seamlessly with corporations and government agencies to help them provide an environmentally friendly way to destroy any type of product or material.  All defective, off-spec, returned or out-dated products and merchandise can be destroyed in accordance with all federal and state regulations.

Our Certificate of Destruction can be used to show compliance with product recall destruction requirements.

We offer:

  • Incineration
  • Shredding
  • De-manufacturing

Data Killers has extensive experience with CPSC recalls; FDA recalls; and disaster liquidations.  We are an accredited and listed resource for product recall destruction services with those agencies and many others. 

From our work with our government and corporate data destruction customers, we have developed a comprehensive tracking and inventory system for product recalls. We can track customer return information and product serial numbers and correlate that to the actual product destruction. We can fulfill any corporate or government-mandated tracking and product recall destruction requirements.

We offer on-site destruction of certain product categories when direct management review is required. We offer secure transportation and trucking options for palletized material.  An accredited  manager will sign for all loads providing complete chain-of-custody.

We offer disaster recovery services that focus on protecting customer’s data, recovering the business environment, and managing the recovery.

We offer incineration services with our bonded, screened employees providing full witness and certification services.  Incineration is performed in state-of the-art waste to energy facilities for full environmental compliance.  Incineration of recalled product fulfills all government destruction regulations.

We offer full de-manufacturing services both on-site and off-site.  Access to our facilities and trucks are controlled and monitored with locked gates, alarms and CCTV.  All of our employees are American citizens who undergo a background check, sign a non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement and are thoroughly trained in security procedures.

Our Certificates of Destruction suffice in all situations.  Data Killers is the fully certified and preferred choice for product recall destruction service.