Destruction Services

Incineration Services

Data Killers offers certified, witnessed incineration services that include media incineration, paper incineration, product incineration, and tape incineration.  Our nationwide incineration services are an approved and certified destruction process since your material is transported in a secure Data Killers truck to our innovative waste-to-energy facilities for complete environmental compliance.  This process provides absolute chain of custody from your place of business to our secure and approved incineration facilities.

Our team of trained Data Killers professionals will then weigh all materials and then instantly incinerate according to NSA and federal regulations.  This destruction process totally destroys all the data leaving the media completely unrecoverable.  The incineration services at Data Killers are trusted nationwide because our practices, standardized policies and team of trained experts exceed the legal requirements for data destruction and CPSC recalls and FDA recalls.

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Data Killers is committed to our environment, which is why our current incineration process is recognized as ‘greener’ than the outdated incineration facility, and is evidently greener than a landfill option.  A recent study performed by the EPA shows that by utilizing waste-to-energy facilities in the United States, 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide are kept from entering the Earth’s atmosphere yearly.  Data Killers will provide a Certificate of Destruction, which verifies the weight of the material and the fact that the incineration process was completed in full compliance of all specifications and regulations.

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