Incineration Services

Media Incineration

Data Killers offers full, witnessed media incineration services nationwide with our bonded, screened employees providing full witness and certification services. Our media incineration services are performed in state of the art waste-to-energy facilities for full environmental compliance.  Our vetted process insures complete chain-of-custody from point to point with certified destruction of any type of media.

We can pick up any quantity of material nationwide and transport that material in locked secure vehicles to our incineration facilities. Each truck will have a security seal.  At the waste-to-energy facility, we will open the sealed trucks. We can photograph and document that process.  All materials will be weighed and then immediately incinerated per NSA and other federal guidelines, destroying data completely.  Standardized policies, procedures and training guarantee media destruction exceeding mandatory legal guidelines including the NIST and NSA standards.  Our hopper feed option guarantees direct and immediate incineration bypassing any pit processing.

Data Killers will issue and send a Certificate of Destruction certifying the weight of the material and the fact that it was incinerated per NSA specs and fully destroyed and that all media has been rendered completely unrecoverable.  Data Killers shall keep copies on file for one (1) year for compliance and tracking purposes.  Media destruction by our media incineration services is approved for classified material and is often faster than our traditional shredding service for extremely large quantities of media.  Our fully trained customer service staff can help walk you through the DoD and NSA regulations concerning the destruction of classified media.

Our management and logistics teams offers over two decades of business experience and a lifetime commitment to secure data destruction.  All of our team members are US citizens who have undergone a thorough background check, signed a confidentiality agreement and are rigorously trained in security procedures.  We utilize the government e-verify system to ensure compliance.