Incineration Services

Paper Incineration

Data Killers has been providing paper incineration service for almost a decade. This service is available to customers across the country.  Destruction by incineration is the most complete and reliable method for highly sensitive documents and papers.

Data Killers offers the perfect solution for customers with these types of disposal requirements:

  • Wet / damaged paper
  • Paper in notebooks
  • Classified paper
  • Paper in large binder clips
  • Very large quantities of paper

Our paper incineration service offerings include a hopper option where your pallets of paper are fed directly into he heat and fire of the facility providing instant incineration and bypassing any pit processing.  Our fully accredited and trained drivers will transport your paper and then stand by to witness and document the immediate and complete destruction.

Paper incineration is appropriate for all customers but especially those with classified or sensitive documents that need to be destroyed in keeping with DoD, NSA or NIST guidelines.  The NSA has approved incineration as a method for destroying classified paper and many of our affiliate facilities have also been cleared for this purpose.

Our company has been certified by the Defense Logistics Information Service since 2008 to store and transport military critical technical data so you are ensured complete transport security and reliable chain of custody that will hold up to all compliance standards.

Many government contractors who have strict compliance requirements from DSS as well as internal regulations use this service.  It is utilized by companies with large quantities of paper that cannot be easily shred to the required particle size.  Paper incineration provides a quicker, less expensive and more secure alternative to on-site paper shredding services.

In keeping with our strict environmental mission of offering globally responsible services, incineration occurs in modern waste to energy facilities that offer a safe, technologically advanced means of disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting recycling.