Incineration Services

Product Incineration

Data Killers offers product incineration service for any type of non-hazardous product or material.  In keeping with our green mission, all incineration occurs in waste-to-energy facilities.  This modern product incineration service process is ‘greener’ than the old incineration facilities and clearly greener than a landfill option.  The EPA estimates that the use of waste-to-energy facilities in the U. S. prevents the release of 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.

Product Incineration includes:

  • Equipment
  • Gear
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • CPSC recall items
  • FDA recall items
  • Off-brand or off-spec  items
  • Out-of date items
  • Defective / returned items
  • Proprietary products

We have extensive experience with FDA and CPSC recalls and are fully certified to perform work. Data Killers has developed an all-inclusive and thorough tracking and inventory system for product recalls. We can correlate customer return information and product serial numbers and correlate that to the actual product incineration. We can fulfill any government-mandated or corporate destruction requirements.

Data Killers can accept all off-spec, defective, outdated or returned products and merchandise.  We will destroy them in accordance with all federal, state and local regulations. We work efficiently, seamlessly and expeditiously with retailers and manufacturers to help them provide an environmentally friendly method to destroy any type of product. Our Certificate of Destruction, which is nationally recognized by all government agencies and corporate governance boards, can be used to show compliance with product destruction requirements.

Many of our customers have proprietary products that they want incinerated to protect their trade secrets, manufacturing techniques or exclusive / branded processes.   In this ultra-competitive world, where thieves and competitors seem willing to go to great lengths to steal anything; our product incineration service ensures the ultimate protection.  For companies with brand-name goods or private / patented materials, the most effective way to safeguard trade secrets is to perform product incineration on over-runs or returned materials.

We offer all levels of transportation depending on your budgetary requirements.