Incineration Services

Tape Incineration

Tape incineration is approved by the NSA and Department of Defense (DoD) for all types of classified tape destruction.   It is also recommended for customers who have large quantities of back-up tapes that need to be securely destroyed with a certified destruction method.  Data Killers has been providing tape incineration to corporate and government customers for almost a decade.

As technology has improved and more tape back-up systems are being converted to electronic and cloud based solutions, the need for large scale tape incineration projects has increased.  This destruction solution has been very popular as it often is the quickest and least expensive option while still ensuring complete compliance with all data security and privacy laws.

Our fully trained, bonded and screened employees will escort your tapes from your facility directly to our affiliate waste-to-energy facilities located nationwide.  We offer non-stop service with two drivers for continued chain-of-custody compliance for highly confidential tapes and media.  Data Killers will pick up any quantity of material nationwide and transport those tapes and media in secure locked vehicles to our waste-to-energy facilities. Each truck will have a security seal.

We also offer other levels of transportation depending on your budgetary requirements.  All of our employees are U.S. citizens who undergo a background check, sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and are thoroughly trained in security procedures.

At the waste-to-energy facility, Data Killers will open the sealed trucks providing a secure chain of custody. We can photograph and document that process.  The trucks are weighed on certified scales as they enter and exit the incineration facility providing a certified weight record to be attached to the Certificate of Destruction.  All tapes and media are immediately incinerated per NSA and other federal guidelines, destroying all data completely and permanently.   Our hopper feed option guarantees direct and immediate incineration bypassing any pit processing.

Our tape incineration all takes place in modern waste-to-energy facilities.  This modern incineration process is ‘greener’ than the old incineration facilities and clearly greener than a landfill option.  The EPA estimates that the use of waste-to-energy facilities in the U. S. prevents the release of 30 million metric tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually.