Shredding Services

Media Shredding

Data Killers specializes in media shredding services for all types of media including smart phones, flash drives, microfiche, CD’s, DVD’s, circuit boards and memory cards.  Our nationwide coverage allows us to safely and quickly shred any quantity of media as well as to perform tape shredding or hard drive shredding. 

Shredding size is of the utmost importance in protecting discarded media from even rudimentary forensics and recovery techniques.  For off-site media shredding services, Data Killers offers a range of media shred sizes from 2 mm for certain types of materials to 40 mm.  For on-site media shredding projects, we can shred your media down to a variety of sizes ranging from 10 mm to 40 mm, at your location while you watch.

Data Killers has the highest rated equipment and machinery available.  Our four shaft shredders are self-contained and self-powered on our trucks.  All we require is a space to park our 26’ truck when we come to your facility. Our trucks are fully equipped and can pull up to any loading dock or building to shred media as well as perform a variety of data destruction projects.

With a team of dedicated and trained professionals, our technicians at Data Killers provide the highest quality service in the industry.  Our standardized practices, rules, trained data experts and state-of-the-art machinery guarantee compliance no matter what rules you need to comply with.  At Data Killers, we strive to go above and beyond to assure that our customer’s media shredding needs are completely satisfied.

Data Killers provides a Certificate of Destruction to our customers, which can include a complete list of serial numbers, manufacturers and model numbers for compliance and audit purposes.  Our Certificate of Destruction is nationally recognized and our media shredding process meets requirements as set forth by all local, state and federal regulations.