Shredding Services

Off Site Shredding

Data Killers offers nationwide, top-rated off site shredding services for an array of products and media including hard drives, tapes, smart phones, and DVD’s.  Generally, we utilize our off site shredding service for smaller quantities of media or for material that does not require direct supervision while shredding.

We have a secure shipping option for smaller quantities of media that can be shipped in a secure, military style hard cases to one of our monitored facilities.  We make the process for our customers easy by shipping proper size hard cases complete with combination locks and serialized closure tags.  Customers merely fill the cases with their media to be destroyed, then seal the cases with the locks and tags provided and ship the cases back to our secure Data Killers facility.  Once the case is shipped, our customers inform Data Killers of the method of shipping and supply the tracking number and content list.

Upon receiving the case, a screened and fully trained  Data Killers management professional will sign for the case, notify the customer the case was received and verify the contents.  We do this process with our off site shredding service because it creates an auditable chain of custody that our customers from around the country know and trust.

For other products and material that can be destroyed by off site shredding, we have large containers or can arrange transport of pallets and truckloads of materials.

Our team of trained data experts then shred the materials by using cutting edge shredding equipment and processes.  Data Killers offers a variety of shred sizes that include strip cut, 10 mm, and 30 mm.  Our shredders are certified and employ up to date four shaft shredding technology.

For customers who require documented data destruction or review of the shredding process, Data Killers offers DVD recordings of the shred.  Our off site shredding is in complete compliance with all physical destruction criteria as mandated by various local, state, and federal regulations.