Shredding Services

On Site Shredding Services

Data Killers offers on site shredding services for classified data or highly sensitive business data which cannot leave a cleared facility or a specific business location. Our on site shredding services are utilized by many Fortune 500 companies and government agencies that are subject to stringent controls, regulations, guidelines and mandates.  We are capable of completely and rapidly destroying large quantities of data in cities across the country.

Our four shaft shredders are self-contained and self-powered on our trucks and at our facilities. We offer the smallest shred size in the industry, including disintegration to 2 mm for certain types of material. Our digital data destruction service quickly and securely destroys any quantity of hard drives, back up-tapes, CD’s, memory devices, and other forms of media. This complete computer destruction and media destruction service can be completed at any location nationwide. Our standardized policies, procedures, training and equipment guarantee assured compliance.  We meet or exceed all government mandates requiring data destruction which are listed on our Certificates of Destruction.

Our management team offers over two decades of business experience and a lifetime commitment to secure data destruction.  Our logistics team consists of dedicated employees who have been with us since the inception of our company.  Our team members are American citizens who undergo a detailed background check, sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement and are repeatedly trained in security procedures. Our on site shredding services are utilized by large and small corporations and government agencies across the USA.

We destroy: