Shredding Services

Tape Shredding

Data Killers offers tape shredding and back-up tape destruction services both on-site and off-site in our secure facilities. We can rapidly and securely destroy any quantity of tapes nationwide.  As more tapes are digitized and becoming redundant or excess, Data Killers provides the perfect certified destruction service for tapes.

Data Killers offers a variety of shred sizes for tape shredding and back-up tape destruction.  Tapes can be shredded down to 10 mm for tapes with highly sensitive information. Shredding size is critically important in protecting discarded media from even rudimentary forensics and recovery techniques.  Data Killers offers the smallest shred size in the industry and offers this service on-site across the entire continental United States.  This means that we can come to any business facility across the country and pull right to a loading dock or parking lot to provide on-site tape shredding and back-up tape destruction so your tapes never leave your facility until completely destroyed.  Our tape shredding process and can shred anything from the smallest of DDS type tapes to LTO/DLT format tapes to VHS tapes and large reel tapes including reel tapes on both metal or plastic reel/spindle.

Compliance can be documented through our audit trail, DVDs and Certificates of Destruction.   Tape serial numbers can be scanned and recorded for additional compliance tracking to document data destruction in keeping with stated document retention and destruction policies.

Smaller quantities of tapes can be shipped to our facility using our secure shipment method of cases or truck transport.  Access to our tape destruction facility is controlled and monitored including the use of CCTV and alarms. While our highly trained technicians are shredding tapes, the process can be overseen by our customers or recorded to a DVD. Our premises and trucks can be completely locked down depending on our client’s requirements.

Additionally, Data Killers offers tape degaussing services which can be followed by tape shredding services and tape incineration services for large quantities of tapes that need to be quickly and securely destroyed in a very cost- efficient manner.  Tape incineration is accompanied by a complete chain of custody paperwork and full witnessed incineration including direct feed options.