Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Physical Destruction

Media destruction, either physical or electronic, is intended to prevent data disclosure. However, physical destruction for solid state media and traditional media is the trusted method recommended by experts to completely destroy the media and render the data unrecoverable. Some ways data may be disclosed are:

• Computers that are disposed of or sold without appropriate media destruction practices.
• Hard drives returned to vendors as defective are frequently repaired and returned to service with data intact.
• Disposed functional hard drives are a valuable commodity and present significant risk of data disclosure if not properly treated.


Drives that will not be reused should be physically destroyed.
Solid state drives like USB thumb drives, compact flash, MMC/SD and the like are unreliable in the face of disk wiping protocols. Multi-pass wiping is not technically relevant for solid-state devices. More importantly, solid-state storage has a very limited number of read/write cycles and is designed with considerable surplus. This surplus storage is used to relocate data away from failing data segments. Wipe utilities cannot guarantee that all originally allocated blocks have been wiped. Further, they cannot insure new data is properly committed to the device. If disposal is the ultimate goal, physical destruction is strongly recommended.
Data Killers offers the ultimate in physical destruction for solid state media and traditional media. Our shredding and disintegration services will completely destroy any quantity of classified thumb drives, solid state hard drives, CD’s, iPhones, etc. The safest and surest way to sanitize media is to physically destroy it with a certified, compliant company like Data Killers. Our data destruction services are utilized by an array of Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, government contractors, military divisions, and small businesses alike. Data Killers disintegration service and data destruction equipment and processes meet the NSA/CSS Specification 02-02 for high security disintegrators and the NSA/CSS 04-02 specifications for optical media destruction. Our data shredders can shred media down to the smallest shred size in the industry, 2 mm, at your site while you observe.