Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Plant Based Hard Drive and Media Shredding

Data Killers accommodates a variety of customer requests and requirements, including offering premium plant based hard drive and media shredding in our Maryland headquarters, which is close to the Washington DC metropolitan.  Customers with confidential and sensitive data elect our plant based option because it allows them to witness the destruction, which is often a requirement for disposal of classified data.  Recently, our Maryland headquarters has been busy providing plant based hard drive and media shredding for several long-term repeat customers located in the Washington DC metropolitan.  Over this past week, Data Killers has done several major destruction projects for customer’s right here at our headquarters. 

One noteworthy plant based data destruction project was for our repeat customer that is a branch of the federal government.  In this one day project, Data Killers technicians NSA degaussed then shredded both hard drives and cell phones at our controlled and monitored warehouse.  Our process of degaussing then shredding is the only NSA approved process to destroy classified materials and satisfies DoD requirements as well.  Due to our headquarters proximity to Washington DC and the NSA headquarters, we have deep experience in hard drive degaussing and a strong familiarity with all regulations, processes and approvals needed for classified hard drive destruction.

In another project, Data Killers provided plant based hard drive and media shredding for a major government agency.  Our customer chose Data Killers because of our specialized shredding capabilities, which allows us to shred not only hard drives but other media like our customer’s circuit boards.  The shredding was done at our closed facility while the customer witnessed in order to meet compliance requirements.  This plant based hard drive and media shredding is performed by trained technicians who have all undergone background checks, signed confidentiality agreements and passed the government e-Verify check.  Data Killer’s plant based hard drive and media shredding is the perfect destruction solution for the assortment of government agencies and corporations located in or near the Washington DC metropolitan.