Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Protect Your Identity Carefully

Protect Your Identity Carefully blogs about breaches of patient confidentiality that could leave any one who visits a medical or dental practice open to identity theft that could destroy their lives. Just recently in Aurora Colorado, Tammi Vigil reported a security breach where multiple medical records were tossed without care or regard into an unprotected dumpster in the middle of a shopping center. These discarded items, with highly sensitive personal information were readily accessible to any alert identity thief. Medical records contain your social security number, date of birth address and medical identification. This is enough information for an unscrupulous person to use in order to tap into your credit and cause you long term misery. Data Killers goes above and beyond to protect your identity carefully keeping customers compliant with all regulations like HIPAA.

Not familiar with your Social Security number? Your SSN is a nine-digit number used by the US government to monitor your lifetime earnings and the number of years you have worked. Not having an SSN can be an obstacle when it comes to getting a credit card and building US credit. Nevertheless, there are alternative financial options. To learn more about getting a credit card without an SSN, click here.

In the case above, the discarded records were mistakenly placed in the dumpster by staff from the office of Dr. Sandra Bujanda-Wagner. She said that the wrong records have been tossed out. Even so, no medical records should be thrown out without shredding. No one should be able to access the confidential information protected by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the federal law that protects personal medical information. The discarded records should have been subject to shredding, if the medical office didn’t have a shredder to stay within compliance, they should be looking at office machines like shredders, so they’re able to comply with HIPAA laws. quotes the victim, Steve Mendez of Aurora. “They should throw all this stuff inside a shredder you know.” “It flipped my life around for a while. I had this happen before.” Seven years ago, identity theft shook his life upside down. At that time his 3 year old daughter independently managed to purchase an Avalanche pickup (MSRP 36,800). Mendez found that getting his life back in order, after a bout with identity theft to be very painful. Dr. Sandra Bujanda-Wagner told reporters how nervous she was about this horrible mistake. She certainly realizes the potential repercussions for her patients.

Gary Schwartz, a certified fraud examiner, says any thief can rob you of your identity with as little as a name, address, social security number and date of birth. To commit medical fraud, they need your insurance carrier number and medical ID as well. The State Dental Board requires dental practitioners to destroy their records and reduce them to an unreadable state. Shredding and burning are adequate means.

Data Killers will ensure that your HIPAA, government, corporate, small business and other clients will receive the professional data destruction services they need to be compliant with industry regulations and standards. They provide shredding, on-site hard drive shredding and data destruction services nationwide and have NSA approved degaussers.