Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Sarbanes and Oxley Recommends Hard Drive Shredding

Sarbanes and Oxley Recommends Hard Drive Shredding

Sarbanes and Oxley Recommends Hard Drive Shredding.  The U.S government created the Sarbanes and Oxley Act in 2002 in an attempt to remedy accounting discrepancies and financial reporting falsifications which had been prevalent in the years prior among large, public corporations. One of the many objectives of this revolutionary act is to hold companies accountable for how they manage their clients’ data by publicly reporting their methods, as well as alerting the public of their failures.

For any company that undergoes a major overhaul, merger, acquisition, or liquidation, digital data has the potential to change hands. The Sarbanes and Oxley act requires that companies document the full path of their data. With extremely complex systems throughout large organizations, documenting data paths can be extremely time consuming and labor intensive. Additionally, human error is very common with dealing with large volumes of data tracking, and there are dire consequences if data is not documented correctly.

Data destruction almost always provides a safe and more cost-effective solution.  Not only can a company forgo the costs and lag associated with documenting data paths during crucial transitions, but certified data destruction also means peace of mind in knowing for certain that sensitive data will never end up in the wrong hands. In addition, guidelines set out by the Sarbanes and Oxley Act encourage data destruction such as hard drive shredding and tape shredding as a sure fire method for maintaining information security and client privacy.

Turtle Wings / Data Killers offers nationwide on-site data destruction for companies that must adhere to the Sarbanes and Oxley regulations. Turtle Wings / Data Killers offers data destruction plans that are in full compliance with Sarbanes and Oxley’s standards and regulations.  Our services include: on-site hard drive destruction, tape shredding, tape degaussing, and incineration.

We can supply a complete audit trail of all destroyed media including serial numbers and manufacturers for compliance purposes. All of our employees are thoroughly versed and trained in Sarbanes and Oxley data destruction standards and laws and are happy to assist you in compliance documentation.