Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Secure hard drive destruction in Sacramento

Data Killers is constantly on-the-go rendering secure hard drive destruction in Sacramento, throughout California and nationwide. Our fully-equipped destruction trucks are completely independent and self-powered, which allows us to pull up to any location to perform complete hard drive and media destruction. We offer on-site shredding, NSA degaussing and disintegration. The on-site hard drive shredding process not only cuts and shreds the metal but, by forcing it through the cutters and screens, it also compacts the hard drive rendering it completely unrecoverable.


Recently, we completed on-site, secure hard drive destruction in Sacramento for a large, multi-national financial management corporation with offices in the area. Our customer in Sacramento had stringent guidelines and requirements to which Data Killers easily and readily adhered. During this two day project, our technicians combined our signature hard drive shredding with NSA degaussing of 1,700 drives. Although the hard drives weren’t classified, our customer requested that we destroy them using the protocols for classified hard drives. Data Killers two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD and NSA regulations and guidelines for classified hard drive destruction, ensuring complete obliteration of all data.


As a veteran and innovator in the data destruction industry, Data Killer’s ability to shred media down to 10 mm places us far ahead of other companies because they don’t offer this shred size. In addition to the two-step destruction process, our customer in Sacramento chose to have their drives shredded down to 10 mm.


The customer in Sacramento was very happy with Data Killers’ prompt arrival, courtesy, and high level of data destruction expertise. Data Killers hard drive shredding exceeds required guidelines for data destruction and is utilized by customers nationwide. For secure hard drive destruction in Sacramento and nationwide, Data Killers is the trusted, certified and compliant company.