Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Shredding Services in CA

Shredding services in CA

Data Killers offers a variety of shredding services in CA including tape shredding, hard drive shredding, and media shredding.  One of our hard drive shredding customers in California called us this week to thank us for our great performance.  They had previously worked with a franchised company but found them to be unreliable and their equipment often failed while at the job.

Data Killers is the only national on-site hard drive shredding company offering assured compliance. We offer on-site destruction of any type of media with assured compliance nationwide. We can come to any facility anywhere in the country and quickly destroy any type or quantity of classified/unclassified materials including: hard drives; tapes; products; equipment; CD’s; DVD’s: and military items.

Plant based shredding services in CA

In addition to on-site shredding services in CA, Data Killers also provides plant based shredding services in CA.  This project consisted of shredding over 1,000 tapes in one day for a well-known energy company.  At the follow-up to this project, our California customer said that having their tapes destroyed by a nationally recognized data destruction expert like Data Killers is an essential component of their compliance program.  Data Killers’ plant based data destruction process is the certified, compliant and accredited destruction alternative for companies, residents, and government agencies.