Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Shredding Hard Drives on-site in Connecticut

Data Killers is known throughout the country for our certified and compliant data destruction services. With our unique and strategic deployment system, our technicians perform on-site data destruction for customers across the entire United States, including the New England Region in the northeast. One recent project consisted of shredding hard drives on-site in Connecticut for a multinational manufacturing conglomerate headquartered in the state. Our new customer specializes in manufacturing high-technology products in numerous areas, including aircraft engines, helicopters, HVAC, fuel cells, elevators and escalators, fire and security, building systems, and industrial products. With technology being the focus of their products, our customer knows the importance of having their proprietary and sensitive data destroyed by a certified company like Data Killers. Our standardized policies, procedures and training guarantee destruction exceeding mandatory legal guidelines in Connecticut and nationwide.


In addition to a large manufacturing presence, Connecticut’s economy is centered around finance and insurance industries which both utilize Data Killers secure hard drive and data destruction services. We offer service throughout Connecticut, including but not limited to Hartford; Bridgeport; New Haven; Stamford; and the entire eastern seaboard. Our fully-equipped destruction trucks can come to any site complete with state-of-the-art, patent protected hard drive and tape shredders as well as NSA approved degaussers.


In this two day data destruction project in Connecticut, Data Killers shredded and degaussed nearly 2,000 hard drives. Although our customer’s hard drives weren’t officially classified, they wanted them treated as such because of the proprietary data on the drives. Our two-step process of disk degaussing then shredding satisfies all DoD regulations and guidelines for classified hard drive destruction, ensuring complete obliteration of all data. Also, our on-site hard drive degaussing and shredding service eliminates all chain of custody issues. Data Killers is the go to company for shredding hard drives on-site in Connecticut and throughout the United States.