Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Tape Incineration Services in the Mid-Atlantic

What does a government agency do when they need to securely destroy approximately 1.2 million tapes? They call Data Killers of course! We offer tape incineration services in the mid-Atlantic and throughout the nation for all quantities of tapes both large and small.


One government agency located in the mid-Atlantic area had over 1.2 million tapes, or 250,000 lbs., that needed to be pulled from their Gemtrac housing and then destroyed. They called in Data Killers who devised a complete project plan, which provided multiple safeguards along the way to ensure that every Gemtrac row was emptied of tapes and each tape was securely transported and destroyed. Data Killers suggested witnessed incineration as the solution for certified destruction in order to complete this project as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. The agency reviewed Data Killers 5 page detailed Quality Assurance plan and agreed with this proposal.


The government agency chose incineration as their method of destruction for their tapes because incineration is approved by the NSA and Department of Defense (DoD) for all types of classified or un-classified tape destruction. Also, incineration is totally secure and is often better than shredding for large quantities because the residual output is tremendously decreased. Incineration occurs in a certified waste-to-energy facility hence it is a green option and compliant with all environmental regulations.


At our affiliate incineration facility, the customer’s tapes were immediately incinerated per NSA and other federal guidelines, destroying all data completely and permanently. The secure removal and destruction of our government customer’s 1.2 million tapes was carried out flawlessly. At the close of the media incineration project, Data Killers issued the government agency a Certificate of Destruction certifying the weight of the material and the fact that it was incinerated per NIST and NSA specs and fully destroyed and that all media has been rendered completely unrecoverable. Data Killers tape incineration services in the mid-Atlantic and nationwide are secure, certified and compliant.