Author Elizabeth Wilmot

The Need to Protect Data is Huge

The Need to Protect Data is Huge

The news in the DC region, in fact nationwide, seems pretty grim these days.  On the front page of the Washington Post on Thursday, February 21, 2013, the headlines said: “Pentagon warns of sequester’s impact” and “China has hacked most of Washington, experts say.”   Today, Monday, February 25, 2013, the headlines in the Washington post say “Impact of cuts on states stressed.”  The world feels very uncertain and companies don’t know what to expect.  Here at Turtle Wings / Data Killers, we wish we had a magic crystal ball to see into the future, but alas we don’t which is one reason why the need to protect data is huge.

There are however a few certainties that we can all count on; namely that we will have to step up efforts to protect the environment to combat global warming and we will have to step up efforts to protect sensitive data.  No matter what the future brings, we will all need to take steps to protect this precious earth.  Those steps can include everything from using less gas to recycling electronics.   Electronics recycling with Turtle Wings is an easy way to make a big impact.  By recycling metal and plastics, this means that less greenhouse gases are emitted to make new products and mine new materials.

The need to protect data is huge.  The report in the Washington Post points to the Chinese military as a source of hackers into American networks.  Hacking is obviously a huge problem that requires expert assistance to mitigate and un-cover. However one easy way to protect data is to hire a certified data destruction company like Data Killers to provide on-site shredding of hard drives and back-up tapes.  Our service is available nationwide with quick response times.  Getting rid of end of life materials securely ensures that this data will not be stolen nor compromised.   Though the thoughts of the sequester and the Chinese hackers may keep you up at night, you can rest assured that your data has been properly destroyed when you use Data Killers.

With e-crime and information security breaches on the rise, the need to protect data is huge.  Data Killer’s data destruction is the solution.