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The Turtle Gets Greener with ISO Certification

Having seen dumps of used and broken electronics in third-world countries, the founder of Turtle Wings Electronics Recycling and the data and product destruction arm Data Killers, vowed to create a company that dealt with e-waste in a globally responsible manner. Elizabeth Wilmot has held tightly to that goal in the 5 ½ years that Turtle Wings has been in business by carefully vetting all of the downstream vendors and buyers. Turtle Wings has always insured that all harmful materials are properly dealt with here in the U.S.

“We are delighted to announce that we are now ISO 14001 certified. We felt it was important to be ISO certified as it shows we have a documented Environmental Health and Safety Management System and can trace all of our materials at all times. Our EHSMS is based on the R2 standards as issued by the EPA. There seem to be more and more ‘so-called’ recyclers cropping up who make unsubstantiated claims about where and how their material actually gets recycled. The ISO certification is an important accreditation which clearly differentiates our company,” said Wilmot.

“The ISO 14001 certification process took a lot of hours to complete and a lot of documentation. The reality is, however, that we have had these systems in place from the inception of the company,” said George Bartlett, Compliance Manager. “The very foundation of Turtle Wings’ operations was built on a green initiative. This step of being ISO certified brings public recognition to our environmentally responsible practices. This profound commitment to the environment has always set us apart from our competitors,” added Bartlett.

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the international-standard-setting body that promulgates worldwide proprietary industrial and commercial standard in 163 countries. Matters involving ISO will often require the services of ISO Certification Consultants that can help integrate ISO standards into the practices of a particular business. The ISO 14001 certification is the best known international standard designed to certify the environmental management system used by an organization to minimize its effects on the environment. These standards provide a framework for organizations to identify and control EH&S incidents and implement a systematic approach to setting EH&S objectives and targets, achieve those targets and highlight the success that has been achieved. Continual improvement measurements and standards are an important piece of this certification.