Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Top Five Reasons to Keep E-waste Out of Landfills

Top Five Reasons to Keep E-waste Out of Landfills

Turtle Wings / Data Killers has is committed to keeping the environment safe which is why we have outlined the top five reasons to keep e-waste out of landfills.

  • Landfills have been known to leach toxic chemicals into water sources and surrounding land.
  • Landfills are stinky and don’t look pretty.
  • It’s against the law in some states to put electronics into landfills.
  • Every time you trash something that should be recycled or reused, you add to the evil powers of a landfill…and a kitten dies.
  • Good things can be made from recycled electronic components, and only bad people don’t like kittens.

Disposing of the many electronic items in our lives when they are no longer working or we upgrade our equipment continues to be a huge problem.  It is a terrible idea to throw e-waste in landfills.  E-waste is full of toxic materials and heavy metals. Although they are a small portion of the waste stream by volume, computers and electronics constitute the fastest growing component of the municipal waste stream and contribute at least 40% of the toxicity found in landfills. And even when people seek out places to take their e-waste, much of it is sent to other countries where responsible oversight is non-existent and children are often involved in the collection of materials from the waste.

Make sure you are being responsible with how you handle your waste, especially your e-waste.  When your electronics have reached the end of their useful life, please look to having a certified electronics recycler do the recycling of your computers, cell phones, and other appliances.

Turtle Wings / Data Killers is an R2 and ISO-certified electronics recycler with a no e-waste landfill policy; strict export controls; and complete pollution insurance coverage. Our customers know the value of suing a certified recycler.