Author Olive2012

Turtle Wings and Data Killers Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary

Capitol Heights, MD April 21, 2010– Five years ago, Turtle Wings was a two person operation run from a kitchen table. Today, Turtle Wings has almost 8000 square feet, more than a dozen employees and several government contracts.


A recent SBA study found that 24 percent of new businesses never even make it to their second anniversary. Only half of all new businesses survive over five years and only 21 percent of all businesses ever gross 1 million dollars or more. Turtle Wings is delighted to have reached both of these milestones.


Turtle Wings is a woman-owned company that provides electronics recycling, data destruction and product recall services to corporations and government agencies across the U.S.


As Earth Day approaches, protecting the environment becomes the nation’s focus. However, it is the driving force behind Turtle Wing’s daily operations, as all electronics are carefully sorted and processed here in the U.S. following strict guidelines. Close attention is paid to everything from scrap metal to cardboard to batteries and circuit boards.


As Turtle Wings continues to grow, the philosophy of putting people and planet first will always remain the same. The next five years will be a reflection of this commitment.