Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Data Killers is recognized in the Washington Post

Data Killers is recognized in the Washington Post

Data Killers is recognized in the Washington Post for our outstanding commitment to responsible recycling and certified data destruction.  The Washington Post article written by Nicole Anzia, refers to Turtle Wings as the “Proper resting place for old electronics.” It provides some guidance into disposing of or donating electronics properly, which can prove to be difficult especially when done securely, safely, and smartly.  The fact that Data Killers is recognized in the Washington Post means that our data destruction services are making a substantial difference.

Turtle Wings / Data Killers is a woman-owned business devoted to making the world a better place by reusing and recycling electronicsand providing compliant data destruction services across the US.  In just eight short years of operating, Turtle Wings / Data Killers has earned a nationally renowned reputation for providing compliant on-site data destruction services.

As a certified electronics recycler, Turtle Wings is delighted to hear about the increased propensity to use certified recyclers who provide globally responsible electronics recycling.  Turtle Wings / Data Killers is both ISO 14001 certified and R2 certified.  This means that all of our downstream vendors have been thoroughly vetted.  R2 certification is one of only two certifications recognized by the federal government for electronics recycling

Data Killers, is the data destruction arm of Turtle Wings. As a nationwide vendor, we offer assured compliance with standardized policies, procedures and training for guaranteed destruction exceeding mandatory legal guidelines. We specialize in on-site shredding of hard drives, tapes, CD’s/ DVD’s; products and equipment. With trucks located nationwide, we can quickly and easily shred any type of material.

Turtle Wings / Data Killers is proud to be recognized by the Washington Post.  This type of recognition proves that our commitment to the environment, integrity, and hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.