Author Elizabeth Wilmot

US Safe Harbors Act and EU Information Security Directives

US Safe Harbors Act and EU Information Security Directives

Developed by the Department of Commerce in conjunction with the European Union (EU), the US Safe Harbors Act and EU Information Security Directives are designed to prevent information theft or loss by US corporations who manage the personal information of customers.

Any company conducting business in the EU is not allowed to transmit data which contains personal information beyond the European Economic Area, unless the receiving entity meets EU standards for information security.  The Safe Harbors Act allows US companies wanting to conduct business with companies within the European Economic Area to register upon meeting seven key requirements:  notice; choice; onward transfer; security; data integrity; access; and enforcement.

For companies looking to play an active role in the EU market, information security must be a top priority.  As such, certified data destruction should be an integral part of any information security strategy.

Turtle Wings / Data Killers offers nationwide on-site data destruction for companies that must adhere to even the most stringent government regulations and compliances.  Our services include: on-site hard drive shredding, tape shredding, tape degaussing, and incineration.

We can supply a complete audit trail of all destroyed media including serial numbers and manufacturers for compliance purposes. All of our employees are thoroughly versed and trained in data destruction standards and laws and are happy to assist you in compliance documentation.