Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Use it or lose it

At Data Killers, September can be one of the busiest months of the year. With summer vacations ending, schools starting back from summer vacation, the Government’s fiscal year coming to a close and many major corporations closing out their fiscal year as well; the month of September is filled with on-site hard drive destruction and media destruction projects. This is largely because most government agencies, contractors and corporations utilize what is known as a use it or lose it policy.


During the month of September, Congress often debates over next year’s budget while federal workers are immersed in a separate frantic drama. They are challenged with spending the rest of this year’s budget before it is too late. The reason for their haste is a system set up by Congress that, in many cases, requires agencies to spend all their allotted funds by September 30th. If they don’t, the money becomes worthless to them on October 1st. And — even worse — if they fail to spend the money now, Congress could dock their funding in future years. The incentive, as always, is to spend. With data security being at the forefront of federal issues, many agencies, contractors and even businesses turn to Data Killers to destroy their end-of-life hard drives and media.


Data Killers offers off-site and on-site hard drive shredding and degaussing services to corporations and government agencies nationwide. We also specialize in CPSC product destruction and data destruction for a variety of media like CD’s, back-up tapes, floppies, memory cards, iPhones, microfiche, and tablets. We are the most highly qualified, well respected destruction service in the US. Our processes are quick and thorough with reasonable prices. We completely destroy any materials, using state of the art equipment and standardized policies and procedures, which guarantee destruction in excess of mandatory legal guidelines. We coordinate both large and small scale data destruction projects while ensuring our Customer’s meet their required deadlines. With teams of technicians and fully-equipped destruction trucks strategically placed around the country, Data Killers can swiftly and efficiently service our Government customers with their use it or lose it data destruction needs.