Virginia Computer Destruction

Virginia computer destruction

Data Killers offers both on-site data destruction throughout Virginia, DC, Maryland and nationwide.  Our Virginia computer destruction service is utilized by all major federal agencies and many large government contractors. We also offer off-site data destruction at our secure facilities. Should you wish to take advantage of our off-site services, we offer a variety of secure shipping and transportation options. On-site secure data destruction can be utilized for classified data or highly sensitive business data which cannot leave a cleared facility or a specific business location.

Our four shaft shredders are self-contained and self powered on our trucks and at our facilities. We offer the smallest shred size in the industry, including disintegration to 2 mm. Our digital data destruction service quickly, securely and completely destroys any quantity of hard drives, back up-tapes, CD’s, memory devices, and other forms of media. This complete computer destruction and media destruction service can be completed at any location nationwide. Our standardized policies, procedures, training and equipment guarantee assured compliance.

We destroy:

  • Hard drives
  • Tapes
  • Smart phones
  • CD’s and DVD’s
  • Memory chips and sticks
  • JAZ and ZIP discs
  • Copier hard drives
  • Transmitters and pagers
  • Badges, IDs and X-rays
  • Products and equipment
  • Surplus items /
    Confiscated items
  • Etc.

Virginia computer destruction is the perfect solution to your data protection needs.