Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

With Wednesday, April 22nd quickly approaching, Data Killers has identified some creative ways to celebrate Earth Day 2015. Earth Day has been celebrated every year since 1970, and 45 years later, its purpose remains the same: encourage social and political action by drawing attention to the cause. Every year, around the world, the damaged state of the environment comes to the forefront, and millions of people take the opportunity to pitch in — if only for a day. If you’re one of those millions who would like to lend a hand in honor of Earth Day, you may be wondering what exactly you can do. In this blog, we’ll check out great ways to celebrate Earth Day, whether you’re looking to spend 5 minutes, 5 hours or a lifetime.

  1. Recycle electronics with Turtle Wings & Data Killers.
  2. Pick-up trash and litter in your neighborhood or around your workplace.
  3. Leave the car at home. Walk or carpool to work – reduces carbon emissions
  4. Turn heat down or air conditioning up – reduces greenhouse gases
  5. Become a vegetarian
  6. Use a water bottle or re-use a bottled water to reduce trash.
  7. Pay Online – reducing paper saves trees and saves some gas since the post office wouldn’t have to deliver your statements and your payment
  8. Write a letter to Congress – Contacting someone with the power to make large-scale change through legislation, like a senator or representative, can have some pretty grand and lasting consequences.
  9. Volunteer or Just Attend – There’s nothing like joining other like-minded individuals in a common task. If you have the time, there are lots of opportunities out there to pitch in.
  10. Plant a tree – Planting trees, bushes and any plant life at all not only beautifies your home space, it also absorbs some of the CO2 from the air. Alternatively, you could make a purchase from Loveplugs, as they have pledged to plant 10 trees with every purchase made in their store. Either way you will be adding more trees to the planet!
  11. Update Your Lightbulbs – switch your incandescent lightbulbs to energy-saving fluorescents.
  12. Set up a Compost Bin – reduces waste and builds up your soil.
  13. Get Outside – Reconnecting with nature is the best way to remind yourself why we’re fighting so hard to protect it.
  14. Learn more about the environment – Earth Day is a good time to make a commitment to learning more about the environment and how you can help to protect it. Borrow some library books and read up on an issue such as pollution, data destruction, endangered species, water shortages, electronics recycling, and climate change.
  15. Teach children and others that every day is Earth Day.