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Woman Entrepreneur Speaks Out

Woman Entrepreneur Speaks Out

As a woman entrepreneur in a mostly male dominated business, Elizabeth Wilmot, founder and President of Turtle Wings / Data Killers often gets asked to speak.  Earlier this week, Ms. Wilmot spoke to the Eco Women’s group.

“It was delightful to see so many women, especially young women, who are interested in environmental issues.  They came from a variety of backgrounds and jobs but were all obviously conscientious, concerned women who were seeking answers on how to be globally responsible on an environmental level.  Turtle Wing’s motto has always been “The Earth Matters  – Recycle all Electronics” so this was a like minded group,” said Ms. Wilmot.

“The audience was particularly attentive.  Some of the audience members had heard of our company and indeed used our services.  One of the topics that I touched on was the high level of customer service that Turtle Wings provides which was validated by one of the audience members” continued Ms. Wilmot.  “It is always fun to tell the story about how Turtle Wings got started.”

“In 2002, when I was finally ready to replace my old home computer from the early 1990′s, I looked for the most globally beneficial way to get rid of it. I called several charities and schools who clearly were not interested in my obsolete equipment. I also contacted several hauling companies but they told me they were just going to take it to the local landfill. Though that is legal in the State of Maryland, it wasn’t something that I felt comfortable doing. Just because you can throw something out, doesn’t mean you should. At that moment, my idea for a national company which would provide guaranteed data destruction and dispose of electronics in a globally responsible manner was born.”

Turtle Wings /Data Killers is a woman-owned business committed to making the world a better place by reusing and recycling electronics and providing compliant data destruction services.   Call 301-583-8399 to see how we can service your nationwide data destruction and recycling needs.