Author Elizabeth Wilmot

Womens Radio Network

Turtle Wings & Data Killers is proud of the many accomplishments of our founder and president, Elizabeth Wilmot. Recently, Ms. Wilmot was contacted by a new, nationally syndicated on-line radio network, the Womens Radio Network – WRNW, for a one-on-one interview. This ten minute interview was to highlight her accomplishments as a women entrepreneur and the success of her nationwide electronics recycling and data destruction company.


During the interview, Ms. Wilmot discussed how Turtle Wings started right from her kitchen as an idea to offer electronics recycling services for Customer’s in the Washington DC metropolitan. She went on to describe how Turtle Wings expanded to a nationwide data destruction provider, hence the name Data Killers. Now, Turtle Wings & Data Killers has become a nationwide leader in providing an assortment of compliant and certified services, including but not limited to: on-site hard drive shredding; NSA degaussing of tapes and hard drives; incineration for recalled or defective products; media shredding and disintegration; data center decommissioning; destruction of classified media; and media and tape incineration.


In addition to discussing the expansion of Turtle Wings & Data Killers services, Ms. Wilmot explained to WRNW the importance of her company being both ISO 14001 and R-2 certified. These certifications mean that Turtle Wings & Data Killers has an internationally approved environmental, health and safety management system verified by a third party auditor as well as full downstream accountability. Protecting public health, data security and the environment has been a life-long passion for Ms. Wilmot which is why she founded the company.


As a woman entrepreneur in a mostly male dominated business, Ms. Wilmot has made a name both for herself and for Turtle Wings & Data Killers by practicing good judgment and remaining committed to making the world a better place by reusing and recycling electronics and providing compliant data destruction services. Her accomplishments with Turtle Wings & Data Killers have also been featured in Network World and on the Today Show.